Black Rose - Piano - Keyboard - organ

Black Rose was born in Cape Town (RSA). She started playing music in church accompanying sunday school and youth choirs. In the late nineties she teamed up with Cape Town musicians such as Mac Mckenzie and the late Alex Van Heerden.

She established the Black Rose African Jazz Orchestra together with Oom Flupke in 2005. In 2010 the band was engaged for the Fifa World Cup and in 2013 they toured Europe @ Clubs, festivals and in the Flemish and French Schools with their Arts & Culture School Project.










Oom Flupke - Drums - percussion

Originally from Flanders, Belgium, Flupke became a professional musician in the early 90's. He moved to Brussels where he started playing bebop and African music. He toured Europe from '92 till '94, travelling by tractor and wagon under his artist name "Hannar Zwrachtos".

He formed his own band "Populo Jazz Limousine" in 1995 and worked together with dancer/choreographer Joannah Pinxteren with whom he also worked at the Royal Flemish theatre in 1996. He also toured with guitarist Miary Lepiera. In 2000 he put his 8-piece band Populo Jazz Limousine on hold due to difficult work circumstances and lack of contracts.

In 2005, together with Black Rose he formed the 'Black Rose African Jazz Orchestra' and has since been playing and recording with this band. Currently they perform mostly in duo and invite artists, dancers and poets when possible.