Black Rose School Project

The Black Rose Arts & Culture School Project is in no ways an ordinary School Concert! Run by the South African non-profit organization ‘Black Rose NPO’, this initiative is active since 2005 in South Africa and Belgium. The concert/workshop allows the school children and the teachers to share a moment of brilliance by actively participating as musicians and dancers with the musicians of Black Rose.  The purpose of these concerts is to give direction and insight to the younger generations in our society. During the workshop the children are able to express themselves by playing percussion, to sing and to dance together with the musicians. Through this experience as a ‘member’ of the band, the children are confronted in a transparent and effective manner with fundamental elements such as: discipline, intuition, listening to each other and having respect for each other.


The first part of the workshop contains an introduction and demonstration of the different popular music styles that exist in Southern Africa today: Kwela, Mbaqanga, Kwaito, Marabi, etc… Where deemed necessary, the respective instruments of the musicians such as piano, percussion, drums and brass are explained and situated within the orchestra.

The second part, which is the core part of the workshop, handles the fundamental rules and the dynamics of playing music: listening, concentrate, being disciplined, uses ones intuition, etc… A selection of pupils plays together with the musicians on stage facing the other schoolchildren in 3 consecutive phases: - Playing percussion (discipline and intuition), - Sing and rap (expression and culture), - dance on the grooves of Black Rose (Marabi, Kwela, Kwaito). The children who do not participate on stage are nevertheless as important as the participants: guided by the experienced presenters of the workshop, they will objectively deliberate the performances they observe! For many children and school teachers this is a moment full of surprises and joy!

Practical details

How long is the workshop? What is the participation cost? When is the workshop in the country and can we book it? What requiremements do we need? Please send us an email or phone us or alternatively go to our booking tab where you can send us a message. We wil attend to your questions as soon as possible.



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